Title: Doom Levels of God IV
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/buzzy4.zip
Size: 435.21 KB
Date: 05/03/97
Author: David Donze and Jeromy Ritchey
Description: This is a newer version of buzzy3.wad. It has 2 new levels (secret levels 31+32) and many bugs of the previous installments in the buzzy series have been fixed. I also revamped the lighting effects and some other architectural fetures. The level order has also been changed. I have added buzzy4.bat for easier playing. Just unzip buzzy4.zip into your Doom2 directory and type 'buzzy4'. And here are descriptions of each level:

Map01:Short, easy beginning level (I finally added a secret here!) Map02:A small level and one of the only ones with some sort of theme (a sewerage treatment plant) *Note* the slugde is not deadly in this level Map03:This is a medium-sized level with a really cool staircase Map04:Another average-sized level (built by Jeromy Ritchey) with a long alluminum tunnel Map05:A fairly good sized sized level with a small, easy maze and some other interesting things (Jeromy came up with the concept of building this level completely contained inside the starting semi-circular hallway but I did the rest:) Map06:This is the only other themed level in this wad, it is an abandoned mine (very dark and spooky with some cool light effects) Map07:This is a big level and pretty hard (unless you can find the quick escape secret near the beginning;) it also has a nifty crusher and a tentacle maze Map08:This is one of the best and is filled to the brim with monsters (the best title for this level would be AC/DC...;) Map09:This is the first level I built but is still very good(and the biggest at 194K) the first big arena is truly awesome!! Map10:This level is brutal Lot's o' demons!!!!! Map31:This level was created by Jeromy and has the biggest staircase I've ever seen Map32:Talk about mass murder, this level is just two very big arenas connected by a teleporter but has more enemies than you can count. The second arena is the main death trap and the buildings spell out something... Just for fun, I have added bdycnt.txt which contains the Ultra Violence body counts for every level except the secret ones.
Credits: The makers of Doom2, EdMap, WARM, and DoomCAD
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: On and off for around 6 or 7 months
Editor(s) used: EdMap v1.4, WARM v1.1, DoomCAD v5.5
Bugs: None come to mind (Email me if you find one)
Rating: (5 votes)
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Well... map03 is buggy for demos!x
The first few levels are rather bland "newbie" stuff, with levels getting progressively better, and the later levels (7-10) tend to be more enjoyable. Level 6 isn't bad, although rather monotonous, plus it managed to get me stuck behind an obstructing wall, when I retreated. The bonus levels (31-32) are okay. [3/5] ~Chain Mail (03/2011)x
Not bad, although crude for 1997. Levels three and eight are the best; level 31 has a very nice staircase (although it crashed Zdoom the first time I saw it!). Level four is dreadful, and levels one and two are fun but very slight. This is competent stuff, marred by having lots of rooms where the monsters are standing as if on parade, waiting for you to shoot them; a lot of the time you can dodge around the monsters and finish the level in double-quick time.x
This wad has excellent gameplay and is really enjoyable. The level layouts are quite good, despite their newbie looks and the theme is inconsistent throughout. Textures misaligned throughout, but who cares. Its a good wad to play. If you like old school wads, you better get this. 3/5 - Paul.x

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