Title: Caos1
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/caos1.zip
Size: 38.11 KB
Date: 05/11/95
Author: Antonio Moreno
Description: Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. Include diferent levels. How can you describe a wad file? You play it, and have fun. (Watch out behind the yellow door).
Credits: Idsoftware and Javier Herrera for playing it hundreds of times #single# and #deathmatch#
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I liked itx
Agreed with the reviewer above me, this is kind of entertaining but it doesnt look all that good but not all that bad either, the blood room however looks OK. There are 2 or so Pain Elementals that are annoying but can be defeated easy enough. This is not the worst 95 WAD i played but not the best, overall 2/5 x
This is dated March 1995. It's the first of a dozen or so Caos maps; I haven't played any of the others. This one is very superficially entertaining, but it's nothing special. There are some little mazes and a limp final battle against an archvile; but the level keeps giving you plasma guns, and the only other baddies that deserve them are three or four barons of hell. Apart from that you get lots of imps and zombie people. For March 1995 it's tolerable but way behind the curve.x

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