Title: Caslevel.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/caslevel.zip
Size: 61.84 KB
Date: 10/27/95
Author: Joe Leonard
Description: The level is that of a castle with a church. I made a gulliatine, a gallows pole and a stake burning. I spent a while making every texture aline perfectly. Its a very cool Deathmatch level and a challenge to play alone on the harder difficulties. Cooperative is there but its lame.... I tried to make a pretty level that played well and I think I accomplished that... If anyone has any ideas that I could add on just E-mail me...
Credits: Ben Morris for DCK, Matthew Ayres for WADED and the id guys...
Base: New from scratch....Why would anyone copy?
Build time: Sorry I didn't have my stopwatch out..
Editor(s) used: Waded at first then switched to DCK
Bugs: Why would I put out somethiing that doesn't work?
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