Title: Cavern
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cavern2.zip
Size: 118.82 KB
Date: 08/12/05
Author: Zigmund Ozwell
Credits: ID Software, The Doom Alchemy Guide, And my dad for saying "come here and try this new shareware game i got"
Base: scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WadEd, BSP 5.0, Wintex
Bugs: none that i have found but because it's not GL friendly, using the JDoom port causes some walls to be missing.
Rating: (7 votes)
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pretty cool x
Blowed me up real good.x
The generic name put me off, but this is a pretty good level from 2001. Couldn't the author have called it "Cavern of Peril" or "The Deadly Cavern"? The starts off outdoors, with a couple of battles in a crater against a hundred or so weak monsters, and then you move into the cavern and it gets better; it really takes off when the spawn shooter supercomputer starts doin' its thang, and the ending becomes hectic. I enjoyed it a lot.x
Very nice indeed - I didn't expect much when I started, but it turned out to be very captivating, with great gameplay. 5/5!x
Nice level even if confusing sometimes..x
It's not a "'95 level". Anyway, it's a pretty nice map. I'm not sure if the author took into account straferunning, but this doesn't seem to permit any extreme shortcuts (because the exit switch is just well enough protected) - just a few extra route ideas.x
good for a '95 level! 3/5x

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