Title: Chainsaw Man (version 2)
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/chainsw2.zip
Size: 227.98 KB
Date: 12/30/00
Author: Original - Sam Dickie bdickie@epsb.edmonton.ab.ca Map01 by - Mark Anthony Klem mark.klem@swcbbs.com
Description: A modified version of "The Lost Mines" by Mark Anthony Klem full of chainsaw-weilding maniacs and other denizens of hell. Anyone who knows the original map will be suprised by the new ending in this version ...there's something not quite right with this Cyberdemon ;)

Some cool new sounds are included, and the Marine's face in the status bar is now wearing prescription lenses 8-)
Credits: id Software who created the original Former Human sprites and status bar face graphics.
Base: Former Human sprites and status bar face graphics originally by id Software. Level based on mk3.wad by Mark Anthony Klem.
Build time: See the original text files appended below.
Editor(s) used: " " " " " " "
Bugs: A few minor map problems such as: one secret passage which the player can't actually get to, two secret sectors next to each other which should only count as one secret, some lines which shouldn't appear on the automap, misaligned textures, etc. (in other words, the wad and DeHackEd patch have been updated, but the map is in it's original form for historical reasons).
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Mark Klem's mine map with the addition of chainsaw zombies, and Sam Dickie's signature glasses + widow's peak hudface. Oh and indeed it is worth making it to the final boss.x
Not terrible, just slightly hacky. The mine maze is pretty basic, and while the chainsaw soldiers are kinda neat, they also die pretty easily.x
Amusant comme principe Et bien fait quand même avec une touce rigolo ;-). passe en une vie UV 3/5 - Eye'sx

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