Title: chance.zip
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/chance.zip
Size: 47.83 KB
Date: 06/28/95
Author: moe
Description: Hi. You've all heard "The Death Of Moe" in *.wad format, where I (moe) get blown away by the wolfinstien shooting squad. Well, now, if you have doom2, and have the guts to play my level alllll the way through until you have beaten it, you have the chance to get blown away by moe. This is my third wad. I have mad one deathmatch only wad which I would love to play over the line with you, and I also added on to level one of doom one, but that was lost in the deletion of my doom1 dir, so unfortuntly, it is history.

All in all, this level was made to provide a worthy challenge to any and all doom players. I hope you enjoy it, and again, try to play it all the way through WITHOUT CHEATING.
Build time: 15 hours. had alot of texture problems.
Editor(s) used: deu for doom2
Bugs: one minor texture prob when you first wald out of your cage.
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