Title: Animatronia vs Deathtrack 1-4
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cheetah4.zip
Size: 1.16 MB
Date: 10/15/95
Author: Jason Pallo
Description: I have created 4 new levels for Doom 2 for my first time, but I put a LOT of time into it. I started simple and just really had some fun. I added to it a WHOLE new theme. Now you're a cheetah from a different planet instead of the marine (who the "deathtrk.txt" explains died in the explosion). I also added new sounds, like new weapon sounds, a few new misc. sounds, and even made it fit the character by growls, snarls, etc... when you're hit, fall, die, or power up with something. I went all out. I even added new graphics on the menu to fit the theme, and changed the bar at the bottom of the screen, again...all to fit the theme. For a first time, I think you will like it...so have fun, and just start the new game. Read the 'deathtrk.txt' first though...it gives the plot...and it makes it much more enjoyable to know about it.
Credits: I also credit these levels to the future AND past, and my friends who spend so much understanding in what they thought I should do to make things better. Martin Cox on America Online as MartinCox@aol.com also deserves credit in offering to help me out with the music when it first didn't work.
Base: New levels from scratch fully and completely
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Wintex, Doomcad, Paint Shop Pro, NODEBLD.EXE
Bugs: A few walls refused to draw right. So far no book or document has said why, but a one wall in Level 1, one or 2 in level 2, and one in level 3 are like that, where the wall is there, but it breaks as you move so you can see through it. Nothing else too major.
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For a moment there I thought of Cheetara, of the Thundercats, and I smiled. Apparently there's a Thundercats film in development, due for 2010. Still, the level. It has some cat-themed graphics, which are terrible, and some new sounds. The shotgun sounds like a stapler. Map01 is a twisty Wolfenstein maze, with right-angled passages, all alike. No height variations, unform lighting. Map02 likewise. Map03 has a lift. Map04 is the same but with a slimy floor.x
I like. :]x

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