Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/chord1.zip
Size: 56.28 KB
Date: 05/15/97
Author: Malcolm Sailor
Description: MAP25 Hooee is this one hard. Start out in a room with yer pistol and a berserk up against two revenants... and thats just the beginning

I would _not_ recommend UV for the "average player" UV is for very good players, much harder than doom2. (For one thing there aren't unnecessary invulnerabilitys everywhere...)

Okay, so you want to know what this one looks like. I guess it could be a satanic mansion of some sort, I dunno, but it uses the Pan* textures a lot and has wicked lighting (at least according to testers)
Credits: Patrick Martin for testing and constructive criticism. Check out his "Blakgate.wad" It kicks ass.

Ben Morris for dck3.61 It kicks ass! I designed two maps in one week that together total over 500 sectors, all thanks to his editor.

All the good wads I ever played for giving me inspiration. (Especially those mentioned above.)

John Bye for boosting my ego a little and letting me into the Black Star Coven. Check out the homepage at the top (or close). Mail john and become a beta tester and you get to play a bunch of mine and Many other Top-Quality wad designers before anyone else. Also, play johns cygnusiv.zip. He's at jb54@le.ac.uk

Sverre Andre Kvernmo for designing the best levels ever (cabal and others, some in the master levels). He's also a pretty cool guy. "Eternal Doom II just ain't the same without him." Be sure to mail him (if you play his levels) and tell him how good a level designer he is.

My dad for fixing (and breaking) the computer. And testing my levels on skill 3.

Whoever made Zennode.

And a big Thank-You-Very-Fucking-Much to anyone who emailed me and told me my wads kick ass (actually, no ones ever mailed me to tell me other wise, so play this wad and agree and mail me.) It pisses me off to see all those mid-quality wads (which will remain nameless, except for Raven.wad. Dumb Fucker's now at Id, and his stuff is _UGH_). get so much attention cause of their distribution. Me and a million others, such as Patrick Martin or Michael Krause or others (These guys get mentioned cause they're cool) are much better level designers... Oh well..,

Also thanks to those who tested this wad... I definitely got some good criticism that made this wad better.
Base: An alienated and psychopathic weirdo.
Build time: Over three days or so.
Editor(s) used: Dck 3.61, by far the very best editor. Try it, it kicks deu's (and all the others) ass. Read the docs.
Bugs: Possibly, if you find any, email me, please!
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Woolie Wool
A real ball-buster on UV, but it relies more on small-scale ambushes made deadly by cramped quarters than constant pressure from armies of monsters. Hurts good, 4/5x
I quite enjoyed this, although some of the Baron usage is a touch questionable. Progression is achieved through one of two paths and, unfortunately, one of them is much more beneficial to take first as it gives you much better goodies, thus removing some of the non-linearity. Still, a fun romp none-the-less!x
fuckin cool '97 mapx
Map '97, and the first of the notoriously hard Chord levels by Malcolm Sailor, a sadist with a jolly name. Actually this isn't as tough as the later levels; it has the same signature style, lots of up-close fights against Barons of Hell, but there are several bits where you pick up something important and nothing bad happens, and it has traps you can run away from. The author subsequently fixed those problems good and proper; fixed them real good.x
Very nice and solid map. 3,5/5x
You are in serious need of reading the text-file before playing this wad. 5 stars obviously.x
this is in sereus need of some wepons...x

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