Title: CHURCH of DOOM ][
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/church.zip
Size: 83.87 KB
Date: 05/24/95
Author: Virgil Itliong
Description: - Designed for Doom II deathmatch ( -altdeath highly recommended ).

- This level is a small courtyard with a church, a crypt, and a mausoleum. Points of interest also include a graveyard and men burning at the stakes.

- Every area has at least two exits so you can't get trapped in.


- NO COOPERATIVE EXITS! (gosh I hate those). The exit is right there in the courtyard. It's a cool looking exit, but be careful of accidentally exiting.

- No BFG.

- Plenty of ammo and health.

- The coolest part of this wad (in my opinion) is the church and its "preacher" raising hell and brimestone. I would play it in "Ultraviolence" just to see him 'preach' on his congregation and you.
Credits: Id and Dck authors
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Awesome design, great for DM and fun in SP, my idea of a really good wad.x
Well designed, good-looking level. It's kinda short, and not real hard, but it looks pretty and it's a great action packed 10 minutes.x
Pretty good for itīs year. Realistic map.x

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