Title: Claustrophobia
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/claust13.zip
Size: 95.76 KB
Date: 05/16/95
Author: William Sullivan
Description: You wake up after the hellacious piss- up you and your mates threw after your victory over Satan and all his evil minions, only to find you're stuck in the bowels of some hideously ugly block building on the fuckin' bad side of hell. Porter's Quarters and shit. Unless you want to end up a punk for the pissed-off relatives of the demon spawn you just got finished slaying, you'd better get off your ass, pull your spare pistol you've got cached up your ass, and slaughter yer way outta there!
Credits: -Matthew Ayres, for Waded 1.83 beta Extra thanks for not req'ing a math-co! (when are you gonna use my graphic opening for your program, dooshboy?)
-Bill McClendon, for the Wad Designer's Tips Handbook. Without this, I would have given up even trying to figure out how to design DOOM2 maps. And thanks for the prompt and helpful responses to my stupid questions!
-Ben Morris, for DCK 2.0. A great wad editor (which req's a math-co to create nodes, D'OH!) with great functions for viewing textures and objects. If I could have figured out how the fuck you make a sector out of pre-existing lines in DCK, I'd have used it more often!
-The programmers at Id, for...
Base: 100% scratch.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Waded 1.83 beta, DCK 2.0, 2.2
Bugs: If you back all the way up into the corners outside the building, you probably can crash the game (its hard to do) by overtaxing the visplane thingamawatzit. Plus, I didn't y-axis adjust the walls on the stairs.
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This comes with a 3,000-word (!) readme that I couldn't be bothered to read. It's a cramped proto-1024 level, although it's more expansive than a proper 1024 map. Surprisingly, the gameplay is pretty decent, fun in Tyson mode, but with lots of switch-hunting. I am fairly sure that the author was suffering from a form of amphetamine psychosis. This is particularly evident on one room, that has some deliberately untextured plinths, a sure sign of madness.x

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