Title: The Clinic
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/clinic.zip
Size: 64.59 KB
Date: 02/12/11
Author: Kevin Eudy
Description: "The Clinic" is so named because parts of it are modeled after a real medical clinic. This map is incredibly large and is quite difficult. You'll begin outside of the clinic and must find all three keys before exiting. Unfortunately, the monsters at the reception desks will be less than helpful. Not only will you be treated to almost every type of enemy, but you'll see many interesting sights along your way. You'll see demonic artwork, a fountain of blood, computer diagnostic centers, and tons of secret items that taunt you. This clinic is very different from the medical clinic it was designed from!
Credits: id software
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Unknown
Editor(s) used: DCK
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)
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This resembles neither a medical clinic nor a decent wad. It says it was "modeled after a real medical clinic," but that's just a lame description (who ever heard of an epic battle in a medical clinic?) of a bunch of crappy rooms strung together. Blecch.x
Excellent map with great gameplay.x
The ammo is tight at beginning but after that, it would be too many for some reasons... plays not bad at all, but at first, I found using shotgun to deal with those powerful monsters is annoying, until I found there is a super shotgun but I can't find how to get it and continue use shotgun to finish rest of level... later, I found it's not hard to get but...why not just put it on the floor. :p 3/5 -playerlinx
This decent old level gives you ample space to fight in but also makes getting goodies, that taunt you from viewable places, somewhat hard. I survived on my first try but got a bit of a shock after I encountered the cyb, the arch vile and their friends when I had little ammo and not much health. The level managed to keep the tension up without becoming very hard. I suppose that finding all the secrets makes it rather easy, but I missed a good number. [3/5] ~Chain Mail (03/2011)x
it's not a bad level. it's not anything super spectacular or flashy, but it plays decently.x
You will be tight on ammo at the beginning, but it's a nice map.x
Typical 1995 crud. You won't miss much if you don't play it.x

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