Title: City of DooM (Part I) BETA 1-11
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cod1-11.zip
Size: 2.98 MB
Date: 09/13/00
Author: Paul Maurone (a.k.a. `Nowotny'; & back in DWANGO days: `Hustler')
Description: This is a "plain vanilla DooM ][" PWAD of maps 1-11.

I tried to put the player in the city as best as posible. E-mail about your opinions. All info will be welcome!

I'm currently working on converting and expanding these maps & making new ones for ZDoom. (All 32 maps)
Credits: id Software (naturally!); Raven Software for some of the Heretic & HeXeN textures; 3dRealms for some the Duke3d textures. Also to all of you fellow PWADers out there. You guys inspired me during this project. Musicians/Bands: Pink Floyd; Led Zeppilin; Yes; Rush; Emerson, Lake & Palmer; Chick Corea; Genesis and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Ah yes, mustn't forget the creators of the editor utilities (mentioned below) without whom this PWAD would have been imposible! I hope I got everybody. :-)
Base: COMPLETELY new levels from scratch, except 8 (see map credit below)
Build time: Forever & a day! Been in construction since fall 1994.
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2 & 3.62; Wintex 3.4 & 4.3; BSP 2.3 Adobe Photoshop LE; Paint Shop Pro 3.0; Windows Paint utility; Midi2Mus (Curse Ben Morris for giving DCK a texture limit of 768 -Not nearly enough.)
Bugs: None that I'm aware of. That's why it's a BETA. :-) I worked very hard making sure things work right and no Visplane overflows happen. [Won't have to worry about VPO's with ZDoom! 8-)] -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- This level was designed for DooM2. It's best played with WinDooM2. (Music & display is much better!) These levels have been tested (so far) on a PII/300 w/64MB RAM and 486 dx4/100 w/16MB RAM -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Let me know if you guys find any problems.
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