Title: Computer Deathmatch 4.0
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/comp-dm4.zip
Size: 73.25 KB
Date: 07/17/20
Author: Sal Vinces (The Immortal); Simon Howard (Fraggle); Version 4.0 by TDRR. Uploaded with permission by
Description: A modified version of fraggle's (Simon Howard) modified version of "The Immortal"'s (Sal Vince) Computer Deathmatch mod. Essentially this is the same mod that makes deathmatch with "bots" (modified monsters to look and act like players) possible on any sourceport that supports .deh files, with a couple changes:

Changelog: 4.0 from version 2.0 (by fraggle) -Bots don't drop weapons or ammo anymore -Bots have much lower pain chance, thus removing the ability to exploit them using the Chaingun -Pistol bot, Shotgun bot and Plasma rifle bot all have the same speed (close to the player's running speed) -Rocket Launcher bot and Chaingun bot both have the same speed (close to the player's walking speed)

Considered things: I have considered adding a Chainsaw and SSG bot, but decided against it because 1. The Chainsaw bot wouldn't do well in DM and 2. The only way to make a SSG bot is make a bot that fires 2 Shotgun shots over the span of 2 tics, which would make it unfairly accurate.
Credits: Sal Vince (The Immortal) for the original IMMYDM16.zip, Simon Howard (Fraggle) for comp-dm.zip, of which this version is derived from, Dennis ''Exl'' Meuwissen (for Whacked4), Greg Lewis (for DeHackEd) Rick ''Redneckerz/Red'' Commandeur (Uploader), www.DoomWorld.com for hosting
Base: comp-dm.zip by fraggle. Levels are from FreeDM.
Build time: A few days
Editor(s) used: Whacked4
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