Title: Enigmatic Complex Computer Lab version 2.0
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/complex2.zip
Size: 268.93 KB
Date: 04/15/03
Author: Grimm
Description: (for story, see COM-FUL2.TXT)

Type complex2 to begin. The DeHackEd patch changes the level names under the map.

Enigmatic Complex is a large wad (it jams up DEU 5.21 and BSP 1.2) that largely takes place inside a large complex. It is the first level of a new doom. It takes me around twenty minutes to complete with 100% on everything, so it will probably take you a little longer. The dificulty goes from easy to hard. In UV you should be able to make it through the fighting without too much trouble, but there are some hairy moments that will probably kill you when you first run across them. The "marble" area has 155 monsters. There was originally going to be a lot more to this level (like bathrooms, a mess hall, and secruity cameras), but I ran out of memory. I tried to make this as bug-free as possible without sacrificing parts of the level. I also tried to align every texture (manually). I didn't do one area with pentagon wall textures, because the damn things are to hard to align. Anyway, if you find any bugs, e-mail me. Also, feedback! Please give plenty of feedback! I'd enjoy seeing some demos of this level, too.
Credits: id software for this great game DEU 5.21 for getting me into this Wintex for teaching me how to make the cool wrap-around sky texture Alberto Barsella (MNTFIRE.WAD) for the lighting and door ideas Tom Neff (MAVERICK.WAD) for the "wall-sky" idea (I realize id used it too, but that wad introduced it to me) Daniel Griffiths (XENO11.WAD) for the sky texture Green Goblin (GGDEATH!.WAD) for the intermission screen level name idea EP4B.WAD for the music Robert Fenske, Jr. (SPCHAUNT.WAD) for the glass texture and the SOLARSYS texture and for bringing to my attention the Doom 2 "fast doors" The good folks at Doomworld (specificcaly, boris and Ultimate DooMer) for inadvertanely teaching me how to add new switch textures
Base: Barely based on COMP_LAB.WAD (my first working wad; availible upon request)
Build time: 62.5 hours to build; 5 hours to align textures and check over; 2 hours to convert to Doom 2; 10+ hours to make the new textures; 79.5 hours total
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, BSP 1.1x, DCK 2.2, WINTEX 3.41-4.7, RMB 2.2 DM2, Paintbrush
Bugs: There's a slight HOM near the control room grates and in the hangar, and there could be a HOM in the "marble" area; in the "marble" area one of the creatures doesn't show until you get close, due to the amount of things onscreen
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This one is quite complicated. I got stuck somewhere, after warping by accident. 400 monsters dead out of 1000. ~1/5x

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