Title: Connex 2
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/connex2.zip
Size: 203.71 KB
Date: 12/27/08
Author: Ruba
E-mail: rubarubyrock@hotmail.com
Description: The sequel to Connex. This is the doom 2 version. It looks very good and not so boring this time. The architecture is much better and the setting of this level is in a depressing place of hell and sad feelings with red sky put in from hell. You will enjoy this fun level and it is HUGE.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 62 minutes
Editor(s) used: doombuilder
Rating: (10 votes)
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All you have is one single monster of each type in the center of every single, identical room. Doesn't put up much gameplayx
Garbage. Don't even download this crap!x
LOL Hey its a show and tell. Show one of each monster and place them in a randomly connected hallway like corridor. A waste of time.x
Repeatitive. Funny concept of starting from the most basic monster and waiting for the next one in the same style of room. I like the architecture. 4/5 - Optimusx
The same nice-looking room copied and pasted a bunch of times. Each room is connected to another with a door and has one of each type of monster in the center of it (except the start room). The second room has a zombieman, third room has a shotgunguy, fourth has a chaingunner, etc. The first few rooms are really easy, but it gets progressively harder, though never that hard, and it's really short. Despite all of the copy/pasting, I liked playing this map.x

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