Title: CoreLess
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/coreless.zip
Size: 77.44 KB
Date: 03/17/99
Author: D.Rhodd
Description: -DeathMatch: This level consists of three main areas

linked with a pair of tunnels between each. All

of the areas are easily accesible from all other

areas via theese refueling tunnels and an intricate

teleporter system (I know teleporters suck, but read

on!). The two outermost areas are complete with a

bailout chute at the bottom in the middle leading to

the "multifaceted" tele-porters (and goodies).

Before you get there you either fall or walk through

a texture so the other (chasing) player will have a

small chance of seeing which one you took. Even if he

does each line on the multifacected teleport sector

takes you to a different location so he will most

likely wind up somewhere else. Good flowthrough.

In this level there are extra items

for multi play. There is also a death macth only

teleporter in the single player start room.

If you love to Deathmatch but you're sick of those

tiny little levels with nowhere to hide, then this

one is for you (and you and you and you!).

-Single Player: Arch Viles guard the blue keycard you

need to open the exit but to find them you must

journey through three domains. Those of Man, mature,

and (last but not least) The Devil. Lots of secrets

that you will probly need to find in order to

LIVE! This level is ROUGH! Remeber the skill levels

work if you are lame and I give you the map early!

Lock yourself in the secret room and blast them all

Credits: The guys at DarkStar, Rick and Doug.

PlayTest: John S.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap, Nwt, DCK22
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74 monsters? This doesn't seem like a DM map, and the texturing is pretty ugly..x

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