Title: Cry.wad
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cry.zip
Size: 11.32 KB
Date: 06/18/95
Author: Joseph Pacheco
Description: Nervous What's up there?
Credits: id...........
Base: scratch
Build time: Too many hours
Editor(s) used: Dck22......what else. Thanks to Ben Morris (this guy can program !!!!!)
Bugs: None
Rating: (4 votes)
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There is an exit switch but it's a completely unremarkable section of a wall at the end of the lava passage. The main area offers a glimmer of hope design-wise which is quickly extinguished when you see the rest of the level (admittedly, not much). Other than that it's a typical pointless shitwad. - N_Ax
What he said. What can you say about the craftsmanship of some joker who forgets to add an exit when even Slige always remembers? x
This is the kind of level that gives 1995-era maps a bad name. The layout looks like a splattered bug when you use the automap, the gameplay is dull, and the ending is really bad (you have to go through a tunnel of killer lava - there's no exit, so I assume you're supposed to die, but you can easily reach the end of the tunnel and return to safety). There's loads of health and ammo, and a cyberdemon, but there's also invincibility. It looks horrible, and plays badly.x

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