Title: CTHDRLSE.WAD "Catedral del Espiritu Sancto" v1.895 Special Edition
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cthdrlse.zip
Size: 91.2 KB
Date: 08/07/96
Author: Jordan J. Wales
Description: La Catedral del Espiritu Sancto--- once the most beautiful cathedral in all christendom, has been infested with the minions of Hell. Pulled back in time, you have been given the task of purging the holy church so that goodness may once again reign.

This version has _all_ ;) bugs worked out! And now, when I say it is co-op, it is. Sorry about that last time. This version has better implemented dfficulty settings and is great for cooperative play. And yes, this version has deathmatch!!!

This version also incorporates its own pallette for some really neat special fx that enhance the mood of the game...
Credits: = Edward T. Carroll for beta testing and comments. = Mr. Bonus for testing and comments. = Edwardo for testing and comments. = QLax for testing and comments. = PC Gamer magazine for deeming the original = CATHDRL.WAD good enough for their Holiday Extravaganza CD... = id Software for you know what... = All the guys striving to make the 'best' level editor for DOOM, and turning out some great pro- ducts in the process.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Oh, about 500 Hours (Spread over two years from concept idea to realization of the dream).
Editor(s) used: = Waded 1.83b, the easiest Doom/Doom ][ editor around = DeeP 8.xx, the hardest yet most powerful editor in town. = DCK 3.1, the best mix of power and ease of use. = Inkworks v1.1, a nifty utility for editing the DooM pallette. = WinTex 4.1, for merging PWADs. = EnDoomer 1.01 for the end ASCII text screen. = Zennode 0.98a, simply _the_ best node builder around.
Bugs: None
Rating: (5 votes)
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cool map, nice fog, get the secret in the south before going insidex
Not bad at all; I didn't find any bugs. The missing textures seem meant to simulate a "bridge" without anything underneath it, but the effect is rather odd. That's only in a small portion of the level behind the cathedral. I'd recommend it.x
This is very poor, and the bugs are clearly not worked out at all. It's a large but very simple and crude cathedral sitting in a valley. It's full of missing textures, unmarked doors, unintuitive switches and did I mention the missing textures? The gameplay is trivial and I can't believe that this took 500 hours to make. The new palette simulates Zdoom's fog effect, which is fairly clever for 1996.x
Play this, it's crazy. Unfortunately in an unintended way... 1/5 -Milianx

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