Title: Cuchillo
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cuchillo.zip
Size: 11.71 KB
Date: 09/22/95
Author: Fernando Carreter
Description: Wad for DOOM2 built for being played #single#, #cooperative# and #deathmatch#. No levels.
Credits: Idsoftware, Antonio Moreno and Javier Herrera..Thanks, Javier, for playing the beta of the pwad...he said that it was a "philosophical pwad"...and that it was some kind of "new-age pwad"...and some sort of "optimistic pwad"...
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terrible just terriblex
"In the internet the generous behaviour is more powerful than the mean one" says the author, from 1995. If only he had known what the future held. The level itself is horrible. It's basically a dark room, followed by a long corridor, followed by a kind of mini-NUTS.wad pitting you against a room of archviles, cybers, and spider masterminds. You have plenty of ammo and an invulnerability sphere but you can just run to the exit and leave the monsters behind.x

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