Title: Cunning Stunts
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/cunstun1.zip
Size: 325.92 KB
Date: 02/21/96
Author: Master Cylinder
Description: An evil alien from the planet B-B-brunn takes over the computer department at Higgs and Hill. Programmers and support staff start mysteriously disappearing, and are being replaced with androids. Can you destroy this vicious monster before the company collapses ?
Credits: iD for DOOM2, the authors of DETH, WARMDOS, ZENNODE, RMB and WINTEX/DEUTEX. The band Caravan who inspired the title. Staff who (unwittingly) posed for pictures. Michael Thomas for playtesting/suggestions. Dr Sleep for additional help with DETH.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: About 4 months build time, 2 months playtesting.
Bugs: None known, please e-mail me if you find any.
Rating: (7 votes)
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May be safely added to your "bizarre" collection.x
Okay,so there was a few problems.Big deal.But for it's time,it was cute and funny.I liked it b/c it was different.x
This was a PWAD made by computer department employees at Higgs and Hill, the company that restored Windsor Castle in the 90s. The caco replacement is the head of their boss! Given that this was in '96, the company was being bought out, and heads were likely rolling to remove redundancy -- So, what better thing to do than to put your manager's head in a Doom WAD?x
A weirdass wad full of crazy graphics, including a creepy flying head of some dude. You get to explore a cramped two-store office and a nearby cave. The gameplay is pretty boring but the custom content helps you to maintain interest. Cunstun2.zip, which you can also find on the archives, contains an excellent midi and classic 90's shitty sounds intended to be used with this level.x
right, thats a poor level. mishmashed textures and even grey ones. what is this??? 1 starx
What the hell? Some doors have no textures, they used that god-awful white and grey checkerboard for the buildings, and you have doors that open and the only thing behind it is a cacodemon. "Um, pardon me Mr. Doomer, but I'll just hide in this closet here, and if you open the door, boy, what a fright I'll put on you!" x

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