Title: Curtin Computer Science
Filename: levels/doom2/a-c/curtin.zip
Size: 121.65 KB
Date: 08/29/95
Author: Scott La Vertu
Description: My first Wad. Based on the computer science building at Curtin University of Technology. Certain alterations have taken place as the rooms on the 3rd floor are normally quite boring.
Credits: id Software (of course) Peter "Dr Impossible" Bazen for testing the Ultra Violence setting and proving that a cyberdemon _can_ be killed using only a pistol! Andrew and Daniel Hutchison for testing and advice. Authors of Obituary for the idea of a guard rail. All the lecturers at Comp Sci and Maths & Stats who don't yet know that I've done this (lucky that I do engineering :-)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK 2.2, DETH 5.23, WARM 1.4, NWT 1.3, Wintex 3.4 Deluxe Paint II, Aldus Photostyler 2.0 SE
Bugs: There is a texture error in one of the first rooms in the "door". I have no idea why its there. The game is very demanding on the processor so 386's could have problems.
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An elaborate multi store house. Look quite badass from the outside but the insides get boring after a while since it's mostly just flat rooms. Kinda hardcore gameplay somewhat redeems it but then there is the incredibly confusing exit room...x
This is a quality map among other building base maps as progression here is exciting.....last areas are beautiful....exit switch is there but hard to figure out the exact sequence of opening it...i just keep on pressing random switches in toxic pillars until it shows up..worth a go...x
It's one of those "I made a map of my school!" levels - not really worth checking out, even though there's worse out there. No exit switch that I could find (quickly).x

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