Title: Escape from Castle Höllenstein
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/d2esc11.zip
Size: 133.4 KB
Date: 08/24/95
Author: Topi Ylinen
Description: The Allied suspect that the Nazis are developing a nightmarish army of creatures that once were humans but have now been biologically twisted into inhuman abominities. There have been rumors of mindless cyborg soldiers equipped with flame-throwers and worse things... You, Captain Blackheart, were sent to explore the hidden laboratory of the mad Doctor Mangler, but his inhuman servitors took you by surprise. You have been captured and taken to the infamous Castle Höllenstein where torture awaits you - - - maybe you will even become one of Mangler's inhuman troopers yourself. Unless you escape. You defeated the nazi trooper that had come to bring you some water with your bare fists, and you have got his handgun, but now are locked up in the prison cell again... and there is no way out except the locked door... no secret doors or anything. What next? If you fail to escape and continue your mission, Dr. Mangler's fiendish troops will surely kick some Allied ass for good!
Credits: All the usual folks
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DETH (various versions), DEUTEX (ditto) VOC2WAV.EXE, plus Voice Edit 2.0 (it sucks! But it's the best I have :< )
Bugs: None
Rating: (7 votes)
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not that bad, but then again not that good. 2 stars for effortx
This is a Wolf 3D-themed map, a little bit reminiscent of the recent id=15191, although it's not restricted solely to Wolf 3D elements. It's decent fun to play, but ugly and poorly-textured, with some copy-and-paste bits; I kept thinking it would have been much better as a conventional Doom II map. 118 monsters, mostly former humans, sort-of decent final battle. Shame there isn't a berzerk at the beginning, it would have been good Tyson fun.x
Its okay.x
This is retarded. You base the whole map on WOLD3D textures meant to be a bonus joke in DoomII, plunk Nazis all over the place, and have a storyline thats basically the same as Wolfenstein's.x
Hard because of all the traps, some nice features but needs more focus on visual design. Gameplay is ok. Two out of five.x
didn't enjoy it- doomer666x

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