Title: Dark Club ver. 1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/darkclub.zip
Size: 60.98 KB
Date: 02/06/96
Author: Gianluigi Forte
Description: The UAC's monster have funded a private club where is impossiblie to access without the right color key. Inside meravelous places, beautiful monsters lady, fantastic enjoiment. You have decided to enter there with the force. And now you enter!
Build time: A really, really, really short time
Editor(s) used: WinDeu 5.24
Rating: (4 votes)
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Pretty cool. It's an elaborate level with a decent amount of interesting ideas. Even the classic 64-wide maze has something special about it. The visuals are quite monotonous but they work thanks to careful texture selection. There is also a disco club with dancing revenants. Action is nice and a bit pressuring at times. The "meravelous places, beautiful monsters lady, fantastic enjoiment" line in the readme is very cute.x
It's a small, very early map and with a story like this, you could have reasonable doubts about this work. But it's not bad at all. The author put some thoughts into texturing and layout, and the gameplay is fun, too. The only club-like feature was a Revenant disco, though. 3.5/5 -Milianx
The map itself was nice, even though it didn't really look like a dance club 3/5 (also, read your description over once or twice before submiting it)x
I was all prepared to make a joke about this map being as poor as the author's English, but alas, this turned out to be pretty good! There are a few clever secrets, and good fights (mostly small ones). There are also some dark mazes thrown in, which is a shame. The style also keeps changing all the time. Nothing really challenging gameplay-wise, but it's still a quite fun little map. The "club" mentioned in the .txt plays a very marginal role. Okay. --3/5x

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