Title: Dachronix [Prounounced "Dah KROH NiX"]
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dchronix.zip
Size: 150.44 KB
Date: 11/13/97
Author: Swedish Fish
Description: Total Number of Nodes: 1957 Total number of tags assigned: 94 Final File Size: 451,502 bytes
Credits: Slipgate - Longtime friend and play-(t/j)ester

iD Software

My favorite wad authors - Myscha, MaNCeR, and Single Malt (MMMgood...)

And a special thanks to all those who fired up doom one more time to try out my wad and give me their comments and suggestions. I hope you enjoyed your little 'nostalgia' run-in and I sure as hell hope you liked my wad (no pun intended).
Build time: 2 1/2 Weeks
Editor(s) used: Dck 3.61, Windeu, Warm 1.4
Bugs: Tex alignment may be off, intentionally or not
Rating: (8 votes)
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This map is very impressive and it makes me jealous as a mapper. Man I wish a was this creative! Anthony doesn't copy anyone, he keeps coming up with new designs over and over again. And it's pretty fun to play too! Amazing.x
cool mapx
Author was a bit too picky with health kits, and only provides stimpacks here and there, no medkits.x
A much overlooked gem. The typical argument of most people would be that this level could have looked better. I, however, enjoyed myself. ~vfx
A very good map from '97 that's worth your time. It's very balanced and has a nice sense of progression. Everything after the yellow key door was awful, though. 4/5x
The design is top-notch, with good ammo balance, clever progression, cool traps, and a nicely adjusted difficulty. The ending is a little over the top compared to the rest of the map, in my opinion, but this is a minor flaw. Author Anthony Soto has also contributed to major projects such as the Classic Episode and Alien Vendetta. Officially no secrets in this one, even though e.g. the blue armor room and the soulsphere room could easily be considered such. Highly recommended. --5/5x

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