Title: Deadlock - Beyond Quad (DEADLOCK.WAD from DEADLOCK.ZIP)
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/deadlock.zip
Size: 109.79 KB
Date: 10/02/97
Author: Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)
Description: Doom2 sequel to one of my favorite Doom1 PWADs. Very large, and very hard. Puzzles, cool architecture, and a bit of backtracking involved. Check it out and see if you can survive !
Credits: -Jim F. Flynn for many hours of brainstorming, his excellent conversion utilities, and many, many good ideas. Thanks dude ! -id software for Doom & Doom2 -Xerxes Software for Mapconv -Playtesters Jim F. Flynn Tom Negley (of the Pittsburg Negleys...)

--Thanks Guys !
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cool map, just look at the author's name: Scott Harperx

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