Title: Dead Man Walking v1.0 Adapted for Doom2
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/deadman2.zip
Size: 37.76 KB
Date: 09/02/96
Author: Rick Troppman
Credits: Special Thanks to John Williston and the Creaters of Wad Author, Oliver Montanuy, Avery Andrews, Valery Tsyplenkov, Kevin McGrail and everyone else involved in the developement of WinTex 4.1, and of course last but far from least, The cool people at ID software & GT interactive with out whom, all this fun stuff would not even exist.
Base: 1 New level Built completely from scratch which was adapted from Doom1 for Doom2
Build time: About 7 hours
Editor(s) used: Wad Author 1.3
Bugs: None reported so far
Rating: (4 votes)
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Urgh. I was angered by the first couple of rooms, which are darker than the arse end of Pluto, and have some ledge hopping. The level isn't very big, but there are several maze-like passages which take forever to clear out and navigate. Eventually you go outside, which is angular, and dark. It's not worth it.x
Well, nothing special, but the outdoors are interesting...x
Not too unlike some of Sandy Petersen's original Doom maps (which isn't a good sign). It starts out good, but soon turns into a boring hit-a-switch-and-see -what-it-does maze. It's also too dark most of the time. Hint: the goodies on those boxes can all be reached by pressing a random wall in the room they're in. Not that they're needed though, I just killed everything with the SSG. This map isn't that bad, but I cannot force myself to like it. One to skip. --2/5x

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