Title: The Dead Soil
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/deadsoil.zip
Size: 45.02 KB
Date: 08/17/98
Author: Leon Kelz
Description: a small single player level for Doom2. You start in a castle surrounded by several armies of evil. With a shock you realize that there's no gate you could close to keep the hellish troops outside. Fortunately, your enemies are not very disciplined... >>> I modified this level for deathmatch play (DDSOIL- DM.WAD): there are no monsters, no health except for two soul spheres that are difficult to receive and more weapons than in the original level. However, you may deathmatch in DEADSOIL.WAD too; the starts are there.
Credits: Ben Morris for DCK
Base: new level from scratch
Build time: some days
Editor(s) used: DCK v3.61
Bugs: enemy and item disappearance can occur if you look at the castle from a distance
Rating: (5 votes)
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The level has an interesting idea - it's a backwards castle map, in that you start inside the castle and have to beat off waves of monsters. The ground outside the castle is poisonous. The baddies tend to infight each other. It's a decent idea and the design has some clever touches, but the gameplay boils down to running around the inside of the central courtyard until the monsters have killed each other, and then finding some keys. x
totel crapx

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