Title: Death 2
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/death2.zip
Size: 20.89 KB
Date: 04/16/95
Author: Ian Koropatnick
Description: At small wad made out of Jay DeVore's
Credits: Idsoftware, Jay DeVore, and my parents for
Base: I used Jay DeVore's death.wad and added enemies
Build time: Half an hour
Editor(s) used: DoomEd 4.2 (Also great for editing sfx:)
Bugs: A bit of HOM
Rating: (7 votes)
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Bad King John
Should have waited for their skills to improve before they went public. I don't want to be harsh on a 12yo (but in their 30's by now!) but even they must have seen the HOM bugs - there's one right at the start. Invisible walls, unpassable places, doors that are not, no ammo supplies; it's weird and unplayable. Based on death.wad but somehow manages to introduce a bunch more structural bugs.x
terrible. Too many glitches, no ammo, crap.x
Meh that all i give for this wad,i cant do better. Decent not horrible,decent.x
Darnit Ian, why didn't you fix all the HOMs.x
This is dated March 1995. It's a remake of id=1128, which was a kind of empty template; this has 15 monsters scattered about, plus a very small random collection of weapons. It doesn't work. There's a twisty corridor that leads to nothing; the "author's name on the floor" room has been buggered about in the process of changing JAY to IAN so that you float in the air; the exit is a random bit of wall; it has no flow or progression.x
Someone took death.wad (a map with completely random rooms and textures and no monsters), threw in a couple of monsters, and at the same time managed to completely destroy the sectors to the point where the map almost becomes hilarious because of various bugs such as invisible walls, and imps floating in space. The pain, oh, the pain! --0/5x

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