Title: DeathBelow
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/deathbelow.zip
Size: 93.44 KB
Date: 03/29/03
Author: P.Westlake....aka "Ace"
Description: My second attempt at mapping, so hopefully its playable ;) ...A medium sized level with a military base overun by demons....The level was designed for vanilla Doom2 and I`ve tried to include some good battles and surprises.
Credits: Bob Larkin for playtesting.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 3-4 weeks
Editor(s) used: DeePsea and Wadauthor
Bugs: none
Rating: (18 votes)
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This has a real old 1995 feel, although it's from 2003. It's a good level with a classic gothic dungeon design, with a hint of warehouse. Suffers a bit from being very symmetrical; if you see a baddy on the right, you know there'll be one on the left. Lots of ammo and health, and a plasma gun you don't really need. The final battle is fun, but you have to go up the same lift three times, which is a chore. No secrets. Overall good fun though.x
very well done! good balance in health, a little accessive in ammo though, atleast i think so, really loved the animated door! great architexture! 4 Stars! great job! -Pete The Padrex
A good map for sure. Average detail, good gameplay. 4/5 - Kirbyx
Solid texturing, sufficient detailing. Dunno if it was just because I was tired, but some traps were even surprising. Quality work.x
I dare say this is near to Id's own Doom 2 maps in the quality of look and gameplay, however: there are no secrets and no difficulty level settings.x
nice map, would serve perfect as a map01/map02 in a megawad... :)x
Definately a solid map. Not too hard, not too easy, with just the right amount of ammo. If the second level I ever made was anywhere near this good I certainly would have been chuffed.x

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