Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/demiless.zip
Size: 135.08 KB
Date: 08/30/95
Author: Pat Doyle
Description: This level is a recreation of an old west town. There are a ton of new graphics and a new sound. Check out the windows! (hint: try shooting them) All weapons are present (except the BFG) in large numbers with tons-o-ammo. There is a small maze (in the corral). There is a prize in the livery (attached to the corral) but to get in you must negotiate the maze where you will be vulnerable.
Credits: the original creator of Par-002c (I do not know his/her name. if you know this person E-mail me so I can give credit!!!) Paul Nitz who gave me Par-002c in the first place.
Base: Par-002c (see above)
Build time: more hours than either it should have or I care to admit
Editor(s) used: WinDEU, Wacker, BSP12
Bugs: None Known
Rating: (1 vote)
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This is a DM map, set in a town in the wild west, complete with everything you'd expect to be there. While not as convincing as, say, "A Fistful of Doom", this still works, and features lots of opportunities for crossfire situations, sneaky camping, etc. Look inside the safe (in the bank) for a nice reward. One question, since it struck me as very odd: why is there a totally out-of-place semi-nude pic in the Saloon? --3/5x

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