Title: Demon Asylum
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/demon_as.zip
Size: 47.26 KB
Date: 02/23/08
Author: Jaime Fields
Description: A large level, that has a very detailed and symetrical design. It has no flaws or bugs! The level is fashioned after a demonic asylum.
Credits: ID Software, Matthew Ayres (the maker or waded... the best wad maker in exeistence), Michael Reed, my friends Brant and Junior (who talked with me over the phone for endless hours while I built the level), The World Wide Web, my computer, and the Wolf's Den BBS!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WADED by: Matthew Ayres --> This is the best wad maker I've ever seen!
Bugs: There are no bugs in my wad! I play-tested this thing for days!!!
Rating: (7 votes)
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This was actually quite fun. This is somewhat a copy and paste as back when this was released was the best thing to do. I really feel sorry to those who start E1M6 with 7 health and pinky. (Then if you forgot that you can shoot switchs) The only way out is a red key, which is right outside of the room. This wad is actually way better then the wads now (Current Wads seem like copy-and-paste) I give a 4/5.x
Not exceptional older level by any means, but not as bad as some have suggested, in my opinion. In fact, if I liked anything it was the thin catwalks over the lava, that change the pace of play somewhat (as in Map24 in DOOM II). That, the long lift (which forces you to fight the mancubi at least a bit), and the particular use of height variation where you need to jump down, all of which should contribute for a relatively interesting speed run, at least. [3/5] ~Chain Mail (04/2008)x
This is dated January 1996. It's a simplistic copy-and-paste dungeon with lots of identical winding corridors. It feels like a deathmatch level, a bad one. The design is totally uninspired; the textures are generally aligned, but nothing stands out. There's a slime maze with slime that doesn't hurt, and lots of inescapable lava pits that do hurt. I'm not sure if the slime maze or the lava pits annoyed me most.x
A horrible map. You should play something good before deciding to make your next map.x
This creates sense of demon ass!joke. Design is not so good as description says.Some places is just walls with same floor and ceiling in all sectors.But the level has many ways to end, and its good.2/5, good luck with next maps.x

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