Title: DESERT Trilogy for DOOM ][
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/desert.zip
Size: 96.65 KB
Date: 12/24/95
Author: David Sellick
Description: (brief) Three new levels for DOOM ][! Getting lost in the desert... really sucks. See individual level TXT files for more. Comments are welcomed! Send to above address.
Credits: ID Software for making the FIRST truly realtime fast-action full-screen VGA 3-D First-person (and Multiple-player with a modem or network!) game: DOOM! some 5 years before the computer industry thought it would be possible
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MAP02: -The Uppers and Lowers could be unpegged to match the rest of the textures -Too few textures used (Seeing Grey in the open area hurts my eyes a bit) - Lighting sux (can't see archviles unless using lite amp gogs or invuln sphere) - Ceiling textures show there is a drop ~ MAP03: sux best describes this map ~ MAP04: - Again, the Uppers and Lowers could be unpegged to match the rest of the textures - I laughed at how horribly modified this map is. A 4-year-old could make a better map than this. ~~ 0/5x
Railroad level isn't half bad, but the two other levels are terrible...x
Describing Doom as a "truly realtime fast-action full-screen VGA 3-D first-person game" is very long-winded, and the author doesn't even mention texture maps! The second level is a large but short pyramid which is only good for deathmatch; the third is a restaurant in the middle of the desert and is a fun blast for a short time. The first level is quite good - an expansive elevated "railway" that winds through a valley - although it doesn't have much gameplay.x
Railroad level is pretty good. x
yuck. x
Short levels. Good for five minutes of fun.x

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