Title: Destroy Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/desth.zip
Size: 952.75 KB
Date: 04/23/21
Author: Matthias (AKA enkeli33)
Description: Maybe you're asking - why did I upload such a shitty megawad on /idgames? Let me explain the story behind this one:

When I was in elementary school, I made my very first Doom megawad (two actually) in WadAuthor. Of course, the maps were poor quality (nothing much changed since then, lol) because I was —ahem— a child and had no experience with level design and I barely understood the Doom engine and the editor.

I have never uploaded my first maps on /idgames nor showed it to the world. The only place I uploaded it was a rather less known website that was owned by my friend Kelvin. The website doesn't exist anymore.

But for some reason, the megawad was later uploaded to https://www.wad-archive.com (not by me, no idea who uploaded it there). Later on, someone sent me an email telling me he likes the megawad. I didn't speak English back then, but I put together something and sent it.

Recently, I did a little research and I realized the person was Jean-Yves Delpech aka Jive. His wiki page: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Jean-Yves_Delpech_(jive)
Unfortunately he died of cancer in 2011. Too bad.

He also added couple of his edits and comments in the .txt file. Let me copypaste them here:
- I made the Bex file for GZW on 6 sept, 2006
- I made the picture "CWILV21.bmp" which was forgotten
- Map31: the last bridge was wrongly designed and gave an OpenGl artefact which was horrible.
- Map25: some walls were using the unknown texture "REDWALL1". I replaced it with "REDWALL" some walls were using the unknown texture "LITESTON". I replaced it with "LITE3" Many others were in the same case... Obviously, a set of customized textures was forgotten... What is strange is that it's the only one map using customized textures!!!
- Map28: the bridge was wrongly designed and gave an OpenGl artefact which was horrible.

Anyway, the megawad disappeared from https://www.wad-archive.com. The only trace of it is a message, which reads: “Sorry, downloads for destroy-hell.wad cannot be provided as there are no links available or it is a commercial WAD.”

I was glad, because the megawad is a huge cringefest and should be forgotten forever. Or not? For some reason, I have received a couple of emails during the last decade from people looking for it. Well, if they want it, I’ll send it!

I also tried to Google “Destroy hell” and I realized it was mentioned couple of times on many places, including Doomworld.

Eventually, I decided to publish it. You know, just to preserve the history. Just to make my body of work complete.

I also fixed couple of (very serious) bugs and made a couple of changes, but not much. Not only because I am too lazy to do some bigger rework, but also because I want to keep the megawad as it originally was.

So this is Destroy Hell.
Base: Slightly edited megawad I made as a child
Build time: Couple of years betwen 2003 to 2005
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2, Ultimate Gzdoom Builder, Gimp, MS Paint, Pixlr, Slade 3, WadAuthor, XWE, WinTex, NWT
Bugs: A lot
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