Title: DooMgate Training Camp
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dgtc.zip
Size: 39.89 KB
Date: 04/21/05
Author: DooMgater
Description: This is a special wad for learning the doom special moves (wallrun,straferun, strafejump, rocketjump). Should come along with the appropriate LMPs:

-wallrun.lmp (wallrunning) -jump1.lmp (normal speed-jump) -jump2.lmp (strafe-speed-jump) -jump3.lmp (rocket jump) -dgtc.lmp (all-in-one)

*please read info.txt, too!* A german manual is packed into the archive 'deutsche_anleitung.zip'!
Credits: All the DooM-friends out there!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 1 day or so
Editor(s) used: doombuilder 1.64
Bugs: --
Rating: (7 votes)
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Useless if you are looking for some more serious wads. But I will give it 5 stars. -PCx
OK, but rather limited. To make it a better training facility, it could have thing-glides, wallrun jumps, thing-running, bar glides, archie jumps, suicide exit practice, etc.x
Helpful and awesome! Its better than itself! ***** - MasterOFDeathx
Interesting, very interesting!Never saw something like this before..x
Very special and very good. DOOM GATE TRAINING CAMP shows that most modern ports are not as compatible as they should be!! Great stuff! Try the rocket jump and you'll see!x

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