Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/diabolos.zip
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Date: 04/07/96
Author: MYSCHA the sled dog T. Elliot Cannon - Architect age 30 (904) 671-7862 voice mail
Description: DIABOLOS = Greek word for the devil. This level will test your awareness and of course, pit you to survive in many different and confusing 3 Dimensional environments. As you explore the complex of chambers and sewers, you'll find that areas are organized in an intelligent composition. when you see a bloodfall, you can track it to its source. Areas provide visual clues as to what's ahead and what's living there (eg)

DIABOLOS is intended to be very difficult and extremely challenging for even the finest of movers. Ammunition and health are sparring so make every dodge and weave count as if it were your last.
Credits: Dr. Sleep for friendship and advice, and of course a gracious recommendation. MYSCHA and SIENNA my 2 SIBERIAN HUSKIES who maintained our territory for me while I was busy on DIABOLOS.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 40 hours
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tbe txt file says it's very difficult it isn't kidding very brutal I'm not a Doom veteran so I wasn't able to finish it without cheating great architecture and musicx
Fun level from '96. The architecture has a nice natural feeling to it unlike other wads from the time. Make sure you save ammo in the beginning by causing infighting, because those Pain Elementals forced me to restart. 4.5/5x
(http://liandri.beyo ndunreal.com/Myscha_ the_Sled_Dog, he made Bluff eversmoking, the temple/water levels). The author didn't use the lightweight concrete or superstone hence the supporting arches and walls. The scale (and material use) is realistic. Being cramped and health/ ammo being tight makes this very hard to finish in a first run and hard overall. This (+ the other one) level is designed from 3D which sets it apart from almost all others. But doom isn't 3D, 5/5 because the author is, coldfusio.x
Good map. BTW, the author later worked for Epic in Unreal.x
This is from April 1996. It's a small, intricate level with a lot of close-in fighting. It's well designed and fun to play, although it's a shame there wasn't more ammo; the toughest baddies are pain elementals, not because they're killers, but because the lost souls eat up your ammo. There's a good hard bit with the red key, but again the lack of ammo is extremely frustrating. Just as you're getting into the groove, you have to run back and scrabble for shells.x
good but i wish tere was a way youcould put diablo himself inx
Try this map out; its design is original carefully done, and it plays well.x

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