Title: Dicwad
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dicwad.zip
Size: 76.55 KB
Date: 02/11/12
Author: The Dictator
Description: Welcome to your worst nightmare! "DICWAD.WAD"
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Unknown
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)

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This is very bland very boring there are like textures for the ceiling on the floor. Its also never good to put a Cyberdemon right in the start of the Wad. 2 Stars x
It's just nothing-special map at all. But I did bewildered when I saw the cyberdemon showed out...oh shit! Since it's from 90' so whatever... 2/5x
This wad is dic.x
I liked the fight in the middle room. Architecture isn't awful, but nothing special too. 3/5x
Good for DM but bad for single. DM - 4/5. Single - 0/5/x
"Welcome to your worst nightmare!" I don't think so. This would only just be an average wad back in the 90's, for a 2012 wad, this is poor and quite child-like in construction. 1.5/5x
Fun little abstract/hellish map, probably good for DM too.x

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