Title: Dis 2000
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dis2000.zip
Size: 125.14 KB
Date: 06/03/03
Author: pagb666
Description: This map was originally built for Hell Revealed 2. Since the project was going nowhere and Chroz told me that it was abandoned, I decided to release this map. I've added more ammo and health since the original one was intended to be played with ammo from previous levels. I've tried to make players find the weapons to get past some situations (I.e.: looking for plasmagun to kill the 1st spider mastermind and get red key), you'll need to find them all (except BFG) and use them wisely for each situation. It was built for vanilla DooM2, so don't expect insane detail. If you find the level incomplete, you are right, it needs an additional make-up, but I don't feel like it, DCK won't work at all in my current comp. so it would take ages for me with another level editor.
Credits: Ppl al #doom #doom3 #doomroom either in efnet or irc-hispano Chrozoron and all the talented guys that worked in HR2 ZSignal (Are you alive?)
Base: The original E3M8.
Build time: I just can't remember.
Editor(s) used: DCK, Zeth and Zennode
Bugs: Maybe.
Rating: (10 votes)
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Actually pretty fun. Didn't like the part at the beginning but other that that pretty good. I'll go ahead and 5 it.x
This is a fine wad, a very cool tribute to the original map DIS of Doom1 (obviously). It has a nice architecture, and the environment is engaging. The challenge on UV is very high, which is a good thing. It could've been slightly easier at the lower skill levels though. Also, if the author added a little more detail, then this map could become a 5 star one.x
Three stars from me. To get more, it would have to a) have a more detailed and non-linear architecture and b) be less hard (not everyone is a Doom god - I certainly am not -, and neither do I think should you have to be one to enjoy a WAD). x
Great wad, guys! Why does it not have 5 stars? And why are you people rating files without leaving a review? That STINKS! From now on, I wish there could be a review that whoever rates a file needs to leave a short review. I want to see what they think. So please keep that in mind and leave reviews for any future files you rate, whether it is terrible or one of your all-time favorites. Thanks!!x

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