Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/djb10.zip
Size: 573.16 KB
Date: 04/12/09
Author: Lorenzo "Toranaga" Davia
Description: This is a new episode for Ultimate Doom; it is my first serious release so don't be too critic!

Here is the description of the levels:

Level 1 - Life is Short you got only a pistol against hordes of monsters. Make your way in the invaded UAC outpost. ATTENTION you must die in this level in order to go in the second.

Level 2 - Sadic Hell this is a horrible place where humans are tortured by demons. Escape before it's too late!

Level 3 - The Basilica here the monsters venerate their immond idols. Kill the idols and save your soul.

Level 4 - The Installation it seems the creatures from hell have invaded an other UAC base: you must clear the area and gain access to the next level.

Level 5 - The Depot Putting it simple, kill everthing.

Level 6 - The Five Towers this is the place where the demons concentrate all their energy.

Level 7 - Cyberdemons Castle a complete castle where the cyberdemons lead their wicked lifes. You will not find only Cyberdemons but many other monsters: like guardians or food.

Level 8 - The Heretic Legacy You should find difficult to kill all the monsters in this level, so avoid most of them and go straight to the exit!!!

Level 9 - Cacodemons Love Secrets it's a secret.
Credits: Ismaele for testing and suggestions Bob Larkin for web site Shams Young and Paul Corfiatis for the wouderful musics
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: Months
Editor(s) used: WinDeu Doom Builder Zennode Xwe Wintex Tcount31
Bugs: None. Mail me if any
Rating: (14 votes)
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The maps aren't bad, they just need more work. ***x
Good, give it a try.x
Decent episode - not a lot of detail, but nice enough.x
I enjoyed it.x
Interesting game with good architecture in the hellish levels. x
So much for Pathos!-DZombiex
Piece of pathos shit in pcorfish style. Should be a) properly tested (for a start remove on m3 torch #178), b) in ports section. x

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