Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dkshrine.zip
Size: 868.05 KB
Date: 09/08/97
Author: Dennis Katsonis.
Description: Industrial Building type levels, however some are dark and gloomy.

Credits: Damain Brede for testing and making DMAO.EXE. ID Software for the best game DOOM II. Zerius development DCK2 , and Matthew Ayres for WADED version 1.42 and for WADCAT and the people who made DeHackEd, I didnt use it but I got ideas from it, I think. Also Marc Rousseau for Zennode, an excellent node builder and the creators of RMB for an excellent reject map builder. Also Raymond Chi for LMPUTIL and creators of TED and Paint Shop Pro.
Base: All levels from scratch. Music from various wads. New sky from darkcvnt.wad
Build time: I dont know. I started making the levels in October 1994 and spent hours. In March 1995 I finished DKSHRINE 1 and released it. I then started making more in November 1995, After making a few I got the idea of improving DKSHRINE and adding 9 new ones to make a new improved version.
Editor(s) used: WADED VER 1.42, DCK 2.2, WADCAT, NWT TED v1.2, Zennode, RMB, Paint Shop Pro 3
Bugs: No way jose! The old version of DKSHRINE did have bugs I didn't pick up on till later, mainly due to the node builder in WADED. A new version of WADED is out which would have solved that problem.
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Map 01 is so terrible (large empty rooms with dozens of easy monsters; you have to kill 200+ of them with pea shooter and shotgun; you get a yellow key and find nothing behind that door), tedious and ugly, and the second map startet exactly the same way, so I gave up instantly. Maybe later maps are better but it's a pain to get there. 1/5x
20 large maps from '96 with basic design. The maps get better as you progress. Keep your weapons after you exit each map. SSG appears in map02 and the power weapons shortly after. A couple deadly bugs here and there. I thought it was pretty darn fun.x
i didnt think it was nearly as awful as the first review made it out to bex
A tedious early collection of levels. I played the first two and then skipped to level ten and then gave up because it was that dull; level ten starts with a boring brown maze and that made my patient snap. It's mostly a mixture of mazes (boring), large open featureless brightly-lit rooms with shotgun blokes (boring), and I don't doubt the author's claim to have started it in October 1994. Textures splattered randomly all over the place.x

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