Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dm2dec.zip
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Date: 12/30/05
Author: Unknown
Description: A labyrinth with monsters. They want to kill you.
Base: New from scratch
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Doesn't work. It's a piss take. Waste of time. Fed up of having time wasted by people who can't be bothered to debug their wads.x
I liked it - COOL - nice techbase labyrinth - if you press linedef 630 before you get the yellow skull key, you will be stuck and have to noclip - make sure you trigger the secret at sector 112 before you press linedef 514 or you can't trigger the secret - make sure you trigger the secret at sector 52 before you press linedef 225 or you can't trigger the secretx
This is dated November 1994. It sounds terrible, doesn't it? But it's fractionally better than I expected; it's not really a labyrinth, it's a cramped techbase. The layout is uninspiring, but I was really put off by the switch hunts - you have to press random bits of wall, sometimes in the darkness, and in the end I couldn't be bothered to finish it.x

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