Title: DM2GM3A.ZIP (dm2gm3a.wad + .txt)
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dm2gm3a.zip
Size: 56.93 KB
Date: 12/15/94
Author: Eric C. Reuter
Description: A DOOM II combo co-op/ deathmatch / single player wad. This pwad represents my most ambitious effort for pwad design to date. I have payed particular attention to design elements like textures, lighting and shading, weapon placement, monster selection, and most of all playability. One area of this level is extremely complex, graphically, and had occasionally caused a NoAvailableVisplanes or similar message and subsequent crash to DOS. This should be fixed, but if you have any trouble, please e-mail me right away. This wad designed for use with DOOM II and replaces map01 (level 1). Any and all feedback welcomed. Also, there are no unsolvable puzzles or traps. all secret doors are identifiable via texture change lighting, or similar. Any area you can see, you can get to. Hope you like it, if not please tell me why, so I can improve on design. ANY and ALL Feedback Welcome!
Base: New level from scratch Build Time: long, long, long....
Build time: long, long, long....
Editor(s) used: Edmap 1.22 (Love it!)
Bugs: Had occasional NoAvailableVisplanes crash. Should Be Fixed. If any problem please e-mail me right away.
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Very nice, crap free traditional map.x
The third and final entry of the "DM2GM" series or whatever it's called. It's a great '94 map in both single player and deathmatch, with a nice design and challenging fights. DM2GM2 was better, though. 4/5x
This was designed by a man who went pro, and worked on Unreal, Shadow Warrior, and some modern-day Star Trek games. This is an excellent early level, with a mild Doom I feel. Only 92 monsters but it feels quite large and diverse; the progression is non-linear but never confusing. You get too much ammo and health, though. Marred by wonky textures and a prominent swastika at one point. It's odd that we say Yet-ee but not Jed-ee.x
pretty good for its age, nonlinear, good texturing, nice flow, but too much ammo 3/5x

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