Title: Hour of Doom for DOOM II
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dm2hr.zip
Size: 27.15 KB
Date: 12/30/05
Author: Terry Neve (In Colorful Colorado)
Description: Prepare for your worst nightmare, it has been mine for the last 6 weeks. I have played this wad through repeatedly and I can get through it so can my beta tester Greg, so save often.
Credits: To my wife for putting up with me and my computer, DOOMCAD5 and it's creator Matt Tagliaferri, Id for DOOM and DOOM II, and to Matt Fell for The Unofficial Doom Specs. Also to Greg Birkett my beta test player.
Base: Started with DOOMCAD5's Tutorial and expanded. Thanks go to Matt Tagliaferri
Build time: Hour's and Hour's Mostly learning time.
Editor(s) used: DOOMCAD5
Bugs: Not yet
Rating: (4 votes)
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This is dated January 1995. It purports to be based on my worst nightmare, and to be fair it's a reasonably accurate recreation; the level is set in the present day, and I am attacking my own mother with a hammer, bringing it down on her face. She is badly injured and crying for help, with a frightened and shocked look in her eyes. The more she cries the more I hit her, because I have an immense pent-up rage that can only be released with murder.x
So blunt map design. But at least it's not so annoying and plays ok. 2/5 - Optimusx
I liked itx
crude map design makes for stale game playx

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