Title: DMLAMOU1.WAD - My first level Version 3.0 it's a long and difficult one. (DooM II version) DMLAMOU2.
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dmlamour.zip
Size: 522.41 KB
Date: 08/08/05
Author: , they require to be played in combination with DOOM1-2.WAD in this way: doom2 -file DOOM1-2.WAD DML
Description: DMLAMOU1.WAD It's my first level. It's a long and difficult one. It's plenty of new ideas as you'll see by yourself. I specialy made it for you enjoy ! Don't cheat there is no pleasure doing so. As you will see, all as been clearly indicated and designed for your pleasure. And i know you cannot save. So trust me and do your best ! You have not to take a risk at all ! Act exacly as if you were really in this world. Good Luck !

DMLAMOU2.WAD It's my second level. It's a small one very well designed and plenty of new ideas, as you'll se by yourself. I specialy made it for you enjoy !
Credits: Thanks to RaphaŽl Quinet & Brendon J. Wyber for their fabulous DEU, to Colin Reed for his fast and good BSP and to Per Allansson for his good GO32 witch provides a very speedy DEU and increase memory.
Base: Levels of the same names by the same author: DMLAMOU1.WAD levels/doom/d-f/dmlamou1.zip DMLAMOU2.WAD levels/doom/d-f/dmlamou2.zip (both for original DooM)
Build time: DMLAMOU1.WAD: More of 600 hours. (I made it very carefully and i was constantly looking to built an exiting adventure). DMLAMOU2.WAD: 170 hours.
Editor(s) used: DEU 5, DEU 5.1, DEU 5.2 with GO32 to increase speed rebuilting and memory size, BSP 1.1x (a good one). RMB for rejecting data, MAPCONV for DOOM II conversion and DEU 1.0 for DOOM II.
Bugs: DMLAMOU1.WAD: "Visplane Overflow" can appears. Sorry, i don't know where does it come from. DMLAMOU2.WAD: one graphics bug without importance.
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I liked it - holy molyx
These two levels come with a wad that has textures from the original Doom. They levels are both Map01, so there's a certain amount of faff getting them to run. DMLAMOU1 is good fun, a retro techbase level that looks simple, but there are lots of monsters, and an impressive sense of scale. It's a bit puzzly and switchhunty, and not at all hard by modern standards. DMLAMOU2 is nifty but not as good as the first level (the Doom I version is id=13747). x
I had a hard time believing those 2 wads are from 95. Excellent quality but gameplay suffers in some places (I'm not a fan of switch hunts). 4/5 - Belialx

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