Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dmtowers.zip
Size: 41.62 KB
Date: 07/27/95
Author: Jason Garoutte (aka J-Dog)
Description: "TOWERS.WAD" has six towers and is considerably hard unless you know the secret rooms or have some sort of strategy. (There is much more.) This whole level has no story, it is pure creativity. Any idea that popped into my head went into that PWAD. It took a very long time to finish this PWAD, and I expect some major revisions. I expect that it will eventually reach 175k plus. I tested this
Credits: ALDER for DEU II (A modifyed version of DEU 5.21). Matthew Ayres for WADED 1.81 Brian Sparenga (aka Phunk Monkey) and the entire Tempe High Tech department for beta testing. Yours Truly, for being so darn cruel. And, of course, those guys at id.
Base: New kick-butt level from scratch.
Build time: Not including the NODES building, about 7 hours.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Richochets don't appear on Imp Sniper Tower.
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"I do ask for $2.00 for this wad" says the author, who proceeds to give his home address. Googling this man's distinctive name suggests that in 2000 he ended up as the marketing project manager of nQuire, a provider of web-based corporate information decision-making platforms. He did not become a rock and roll star. The, er, level itself is stark and dull, based around six large empty gastanks that you assault one after the other.x

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