Title: Do Battle! - Version 1.0
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dobattle.zip
Size: 75.81 KB
Date: 04/15/98
Author: John W. Patterson
E-mail: jwpttrsn@acpub.duke.edu
Description: 3 levels of manic/tricky/novel Doom II action, with NO new graphics, sound or music. Just a bizzare twist on the game.
Base: New level from childhood "fever-dreams"
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DCK Version 3.62 Level editor Zennode thingy Node builder WAD Compiler DoomCAD Wadmerge
Bugs: None known.

If you find any other bugs, please e-mail me.

This WAD runs under Doom II V1.9 or TNT "EVILUTION"
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Three levels dated April 1998, apparently inspired by childhood fever dreams. This sounded promising, but the end result is just another series of polygonal, randomly-textured rooms with no flow, straight outta mothafuckin' 1994. In that respect I suppose it resembles the cut-up poetry of William Burroughs, but without any sense of transgressing society's boundaries. I'm tempted to say that Map03 is an incredible masterpiece, but that would be a lie.x

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