Title: DooD3.5 level 1, floor plan 1
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/dood3lv1.zip
Size: 21.63 KB
Date: 05/19/98
Author: llori cool
Description: This level can be used: co-operatively, and single player! (after you kill all the monsters you can go kill each other if you're pee-d at one another.

This is floor plan one of level one only! More WADs to come.

I basically want you to experiment this floor! Dive into and check for bugs that we may have missed!

This is a small portion of the total re-write of Doom2! (still must have the reg. Ver. Of Doom2!)

The monsters haven't been manipulated in this version.

up to 4 players can whoop all the monster butt on this floor!

CHECK OUT THE MAP! It's a womans face.

It took a lot of debugging to get the floor plan to work. So far, I haven't found any residual bugs.

That's where you come in!
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This map is a bit dull. Basically, it's a big room with two height levels and 36 monsters. You spawn in the middle of the place, and all you have to do, is run and find some weapons and ammo and shoot. You've got much room to move, so this isn't very hard. There's only one remarkable positive thing about this map, and that's the automap, which shows a well done face. But that's too little for a Doom map, I think. 1/5 -Milianx

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