Title: DOOM97 - A New Corner Of Hell
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/doom97.zip
Size: 442.57 KB
Date: 04/02/97
Author: André Rakow
Description: Judgement day is here. Words cannot describe the pain your soul and body are about to experience. DOOM97 is a single-player AND a deathmatch wad. It is the very first


Play this level in single player mode ! You will experience the horror of eternal deathmatches in hell !
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Absolutely bonkers level. A lot of new graphics used in creative ways. Watch out for the onslaught of hitscanners though. Worth a look. x
Queer style with some genuine and tongue-in-cheek ideas like brainless gibs,a cooking imp while pigs waiting on dining table,a movie...many new sprites .would be nice if has more challenging battles...worth a go...4 stars for efforts Author puts in...x
This is a peculiar but amusing level from April 1997. It has the feel of those oddball experimental wads from before The Rules took over; there are surreal textures and sounds, a few interesting graphic tricks, and the readme is manic too. You fight or crush 302 mostly former humans in a bog-standard town-style map, with a lengthy and crushingly dull petrified forest section. There's no real ending battle, despite giving you a tonne of rockets.x
some sound and a music replacement, map is okay but not terrible. uses a large sky texture, has a few lolz places (ie: movie where player shoots a cyber once and it explodes!) 2stars, z34chrisx

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