Title: The Park of Doom
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/doompark.zip
Size: 59.78 KB
Date: 03/16/12
Author: Glen McColl
Description: An ancient evil has been disturbed at Doom City. The minions of Hell have taken over the parkland estate and sewrage treatment dam in Doom City. They have slaughtered many and taken others prisoner in the city lockup, for they do not want their plans disturbed. Under the park is the cavern of Imps, Demons, and Cacodemons, waiting to be released by the hellspawn. You have been taken prisoner by the foul motherf@#kers. As your captor leads you in to the jail house, you punch him out, confiscate his pistol and blaze your way out.

As you remove the red key from its place, you unwittingly unleash the occupants of the cavern. Imps, Demons, Cacodemons, appear out of nowhere!

Can you take it? Play it and see... (It's quite easy, really)
Credits: Raphael Quinet and Brendan Wyber, authors of DEU ADMiRAL & SONiC (The Un-Naturals), ported DEU to DOOM II Matthew Ayres, author of WadEd v1.83b Colin Reed, author of BSP Alex Korobka, for his version of BSP Authors of URBNBETA.WAD, for the sky texture TiC, author of NWT v1.3 Me, author of MINDLESS.WAD (which this is based on) id Software, the makers of your DOOM...
Base: Modified MINDLESS.WAD
Build time: 25 hours +
Editor(s) used: DEU II v6.66, WadEd v1.83, BSP v1.1 W, NWT v1.3
Bugs: None
Rating: (8 votes)
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Very weird map, start in a small room with elevators, gotta find secret to get yellow key to escape, outside area with fun stuff, labyrinth that serves no purpose, final cybie in exit room. 3/5 - Optimusx
not badx
pretty decent for 1995. good for a quick runthroughx
sewrage treatment plan must be where the angry and incensed poop goes.x
failling attempt of creating a downtown(doom 2 map 13) like ma,. there is a maze near the exit and i down what is the point putting it there since it's useless.also switch hunt is anoying as hell.seriously stop mapping start ballet dancing.x

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