Title: Doomy: Ringo's Pillsbury Adventure
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/doomy.zip
Size: 393.11 KB
Date: 08/13/96
Author: Jonathan Wire
Description: Did you ever dream of being Ringo Starr or of murdering the pillsbury doughboy? Me too! Now you can live out both of those fantasies with doomy. pillsbury doughboys replace hell knights, barons of hell, and cyberdemons. Picture of Ringo replace the guy's head at the bottom of the screen. Also included 3 crappy levels for your enjoyment! Just put everything in your doom2 directory and type: dmyinst and then: doomy
Credits: id software and the people who made the editors listed below. thanks guys.
Base: 2 doughboy pictures i found on the internet and a beatles picture i found somewhere
Build time:
Editor(s) used: doomcad 5.1, wintex 4.3, warm 1.6, midi2mus windeu 5.99b1, bsp15, DMGRAPH, paintbrush, paint shop pro, LVIEW, coreldraw, notepad, and of couse the mighty winzip
Bugs: In level 1, after you get the rocket launcher, stay away from the lift that dropped you into that room. Be very careful in cooperative mode and make sure that everyone is out of the first room before you get the rocket launcher, unless you just miss the dos prompt. I have never actually tried cooperative mode, but I'm guessing it would be a problem. if you don't believe me, get the rocket launcher, turn on your no clipping mode, go back to the first room, and ride the lift down. In level 2, in the room behind the red key door, kill everything before you press the second switch. Sometimes when all of the doughboys are around the middle column, the teleporter doesn't lower all of the way to the ground. This is pretty rare, though. It's only happened to me twice, and I've played level 2 five billion times. My only guess as to why that happens is that the doughboys do it.
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walter confalonieri
a weird jokewad staring Ringo Starr shooting to chef snowmen for some reason in aboxy rocky 7 tech universe. I don't get it.x
This person was clearly getting high with a little help from their friends. (Bad versions of Beatles songs, strange strange jokewad.. What the god damn.)x
This is dated August 1996. I can honestly say that I've never dreamed of being Ringo Starr or of murdering the Pillsbury doughboy. Besides, it's clearly self defence - the doughboys attack *you*. So the internal logic isn't very well thought out. Neither are the maps, which are dismal and monotonous. Does raise the question; why Ringo Starr? For that matter... just why? Why?x
Bleah. Lame levels, and killin that fat little pillsbury dough boy after the first time ain't all that much fun. Go eat cookie dough instead.x
The best WAD ever made involving the Pillsbury Doughboy. A bit difficult though... **** -sargebaldyx

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