Title: Dr. X's base
Filename: levels/doom2/d-f/drx.zip
Size: 140.83 KB
Date: 08/07/08
Author: Regweld
Description: The Dr. X has a secret base in a X-shaped mountain. You are a special agent that must trap him and give him what he deserves.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Too many hours, and too many time has passed since I started to build it to remember.
Editor(s) used: DCK 3.61
Bugs: Some textures and other minor things, but the map runs. (Uploader's note: The author says that the map is not completed because lacks enemies and items in "Hurt me plenty"/"Ultraviolence". But this isn't true. Maybe the author completed the map but not updated this TXT file...)
Rating: (8 votes)
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Worst wad of the month.x
^^^ "No an what is; er" This is a hanidcapped fucker. Just say: this level is good or bad. I think it is below average. So, 2/5, but it is not that bad.x
This map definitely feels older than it is: decoration is minimal, textures are misaligned, and the layout is mostly an odd (and irritating) combination of awkward open spaces and tight mazes (unfortunately, I hate mazes.) The level gets somewhat more interesting at the end, but not enough to make the entire experience that enjoyable. 2.5/5x
This is dated February 2000. It's a techbase with lots of baddies, but the design is rough, and there are too many narrow catwalks over lava/slime. The gameplay is tricky in an irritating way, e.g. the baron of hell / blood maze. The final seequence, set on an ice floe, feels like a separate and slightly superior level, but it's too simple to outweight the rest of it.x
No an what is; erx
Way too confusing, not enough ammo or health. Avoid.x
Some god ideas here, but also some irritating details and frustrating puzzles. --- 3/5x

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